The Least Visited Places In The World, But The Most Enchanting

Are you the kind of traveler who worries a lot with the crowded places? Are you the one who loves to soak in the nature’s glory yet find it difficult to let your soul roam free when pressed by an overpowering crowd? Welcome to the club. Here the least visited places in the world.

This is a huge world and sure has place tucked in so remote that retains the wild charm, away from the bane of human civilization. We have listed few of the least visited places in the world that will take your mind with myriad landscape and trust me they are completely safe place to venture into. They do not form a part of any conflict zone, neither the political situation is unstable. At the same time, they are not as mysterious as the old Bermuda triangle. You be rest assured that you shall come back safe and sound.

the least visited places in the world - tribes in amazon valley in brazil

Read on to explore the last remaining pristine and least visited places in the world.

The Amazon Valley, Brazil

Also known as Vale do Javari, this region is in the wild of the mysterious and dangerous forest of Amazon where primitive tribes reign. Of around 2,000 indigenous tribesmen live autonomously from the Brazilian government. This area in Brazil is about the size of Austria.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar

Located at the western edge of Madagascar, this unique and massive limestone formations known as Tsingy (Malagasy for “walking on tiptoes”) are the highlights of the region. The limestone’s were created over a million years time. The region also houses countless plants and animals, endemic to this part of the world. You can visit only the southern part of the reserve since much of it is still not open to tourists.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Famous as New Zealand’s largest national park and arguably the wildest lands in the Southern hemisphere , it was formed by glaciers and age-old rocks. A unique diversity of animals, like the takahe – a flightless indigenous bird thought to be extinct for decades until it was rediscovered in the park maybe observed here. Also remarkable is the kakapo – the world’s only flightless, nocturnal parrot.

Northern Forest Complex, Myanmar

The dense subtropical forests located on the steep slopes of the Eastern most stretch of the majestic Himalayas are to a large extent untouched by human activity. Add to that, within the forests in Myanmar’s Kachin State housed is the largest tiger preserve in the world. It’s also home to bears, red pandas and gibbons and surely makes for a treat to wildlife enthusiasts.

Patagonia, Chile & Argentina

With temperate rain-forests, glaciers, fjords and hot springs, the Northern part of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, gives huge competition to Iceland when it comes to weigh the rustic earth. The ices of the region are age old, and at times comes just net to Polar region when compared with volume. Exploring this part calls for challenge since the area is sparsely populated and roads are often non-existent.

Kamchatka, Russia

Imagine a landscape that houses around 300 volcanoes! That is Kamchatka located in Russia. Salmon and brown bears co-exist in the eastern peninsula of the huge country that Russia is. Mostly military stayed here before the region opened its door to foreign nationals.

The list has been curated and handpicked for the discerning travelers like you. We all want to escape the maddening crowd and experiment staying in the alternate lifestyle, without taking a part in the rat race.

Explore the area as a responsible traveler, make sure you keep in mind they are pristine and they shall remain in their natural glory if only we strive a little to preserve the same.

In case you have been to a place which is equally charming and want to bestow us with your suggestion, feel free to write in the comment section below.

Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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