The Best Gifting Idea For Your Traveler Friend

As the Christmas season is approaching, it is time you get busy picking up the perfect gift for the traveler in you or your extended traveler family. And trust me this is not going to be too hard, as I am going to give you some of the gift ideas for traveling friend.

gift ideas for traveling friend

For the up 10th time they are going to embark on their journey they will cherish your gifts and use them to the bits. These are gift ideas for traveling friend that we have prepared will come handy for you in every aspect. Lifestyle is a travelers forte, however the gift items we are going to list down will not necessarily feature in their needs but actually be the travel hacks. So here are my tips & suggestions.


Isn’t it an obvious choice for a traveler? The companies are coming up with more innovative choices pushing the limit making space to accommodate the tiniest of thing you might need on the road. Make sure the one you choose is lightweight and can also fit in the category of basic day trip backpack.

Packing Cubes

For those of us who has been on the road for long know exactly how important it is to be an organised traveler. The packing cubes are life savers. Not only it helps you to win. The exact thing you need for the moment but also helps you keep your suitcase tidy. Trust me the last thing you need on the road is a mess out of your luggage. It is not for no reason packing cubes are most loved among the backpackers.

Passport Case

I cannot put another face is on the fat how cute the customized and personalized passport holders look like. My favorite one is in a tan color with my nickname inscribed on it. And not only passport, it is a safe case for all your credit cards travel cards and help protect you with your identity.


My last resort is the powdered variety. It might be a bit pricey but last really long and perfect for every kind of weather. Add to that they are lightweight, compact and can never really spoil your luggage with liquid spills.

Neck Support Travel Pillow

The one person you’re gonna gift it to , shall thank you for the rest of your life. For the long flights and backbreaking bus journeys, the travel pillows provide the ones of home. The last thing on the road if you need a trick on the neck. The next support travel pillow saves a traveler on many level and inevitably finds a place in the backpack.


I am an avid traveler. I am also a bibliophile. A long flight of 20 hours or more can only be productive if I have my time and space to indulge in the world of encrypted letters. Earlier I used to carry books. However, the Kindle is a marvel of the new world. The device is perfect to be a hand hold does not occupy much room and last really long when it comes to battery. I cannot imagine leaving home without the kindle in my purse.

Scratch Off Map

Why you do not always carry it on the trip in fact never carry it on the trip once you come back home this can save you from a lot of blue. The other day I presented it to a couple friend of mine who also happens to travel around the world. The absolutely love the idea and report it has become one of their favorite pass time.

So that was all that I have planned for this year. In case, you have any travel gift ideas for traveling friend, do let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.

Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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